Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiang Islam

Rukun Islam ada lima (5) perkara :

(1) Mengucap dua kalimah syahadat

(2) Sembahyang lima waktu

(3) Berpuasa sebulan dalam bulan Ramadhan

(4) Menunaikan haji ke Baitullah (Mekah)

(5) Menunaikan zakat

Rukun Iman ada enam (6) perkara :

(1) Beriman kepada ALLAH SWT

(2) Beriman kepada Malaikat-malaikat

(3) Beriman kepada Kitab-kitab

(4) Beriman kepada Rasul-rasul

(5) Beriman kepada Hari Kiamat

(6) Beriman kepada Qada dan Qadar

Monday, January 30, 2012


tonight's our 1st swim for the new year :)

insyaAllah more to come.

sometimes we say too much ... both verbally and physically.

it's also tiring when you are constantly being misunderstood or you 'think' that you are.

i'm tired.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


blood test results are in ...

cholestrol low - wuhuuuu!

progestrone low - bummer!

estrogen very high compared to progestrone - not good

testosterone high - huh? double bummer!

in short ... hormone imbalance.

have to meet DM & DM soon for my meds. starting all over again with the hormone treatment.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

up again ...


i know what i should do.

but am doing the opppsite.


Friday, January 27, 2012

it's coming down ...

alhamdulillah ... blood sugar has come down to 5.9.

now i need it to come lower and maintained.

work hard sya! remember the complications you'd face if you don't control your sugar.

insyaAllah i will.


as i lay down to sleep
i close my eyes with a happy heart

a long lost friend
rekindling our friendship

fond memories
great laughter

brightens my heart
lifts my sorrows

i am happy
as i end my day

thank you, Z   :o) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

he said 'thank you' on his own accord... alhamdulillah :)
it ain't easy when u're fbooking & blogging from an iphone ... lotsa lost in translation (in this case, typing)!

ipad or a tab? hmmm ....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sky high ...

went to see DM, fasting so that i can do my blood test.

he checked my sugar level.

at around 10am, the reading was 8.4!

he changed my meds and told me to come back on moday for the results. in the mean time, i am suppose to record my meals and take my meds.

what did i do then?

i went totally blank and then went totally crazy!

i became afraid to eat and at the same time i was so hungry.

i need to get a grip.

read up & take action, sya!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sugar high

sugar high ... dead exhausted :(

fatigue, blurred vision & slight headache setting in :(


so, this is how it feels like being sugar high:

dry mouth & very thirsty
frequent toilet visits
slight dizziness

utterly tired, exhausted & fatigue
limbs feel numb - slight tingles in the joints
slightly blurred vision

driving home was worrying ... what if i passed out? luckily i took my meds a lil earlier and am feeling a wee bit better.

but this is scary :(

Monday, January 23, 2012

are you happy?

i can answer 'yes' but why does my answer feels hollow?

am i really happy?

i wonder ....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

blood is thicker than water ... giving up your kidney would not even qualify you as family, that's the honest truth.
blood is thicker than water ... giving up your kidney would not even qualify you as one. that's the honest truth.

what i know for sure ...

when you are in sincere in helping or assisting someone (family, friends & even strangers), you become resentful and you treat that person like crap; you become rude, you belittle that person, you become spiteful and in the end ... you lose that person's respect and even love. your heart grows hard and cold. love seeps out and one day, you will wonder what happened. you become bitter and unhappy.

one of the source of happiness is giving sincerely, with no expectations of reward.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

bertahun berlalu
berumur lagi
kehilangan kian bertambah
bagaimana hendak dikembalikan

bertahun berlalu
berumur lagi
yang sudah biarlah sudah
jejak yang baru ke hadapan

bertahun berlalu
berumur lagi
dalam saku diguna
yang dikejar jangan dilupakan

semakin kita berumur, yang tercicir, kehilangan - biarkanlah. ada hikmahNya. perbaiki duniawi tapi kejarlah akhirat.
now that i have turned 39, it's a real shock to realise that i was once in my 20s. looking at hubby's niece who is 24 and remembered i was just a year older than her when i married her uncle. i was THAT young when i got married? would have i changed anything what i had known now? hmmm ...

kawan sya tanya ...

kawan sya tanya ... apa nak buat bila suami kata, i rimaslah dgn u! (dah nak masuk 20thn kawin, takde anak)

terkedu sya ....

ha'a ek ... apa nak buat, ye?

kesian kawan sya.

hmm .... any suggestions or ideas, anyone?

i admit ... it makes me think too.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

39 and counting ...

i have mixed feelings coming to this age ... 23 minutes to go before i turn 39. i feel like i am still 24.

yes, you read it right. i am 24 ;)

just kidding ... i am turning 39 at the stroke of midnight. can't do anything about that.

but what i am grateful for is that Allah has allowed me to live this long, alhamdulillah. i know i am still walking in the dark but i feel blessed that i am given another year (insyaAllah) to find my way to His Grace. i see signs and i will fight for a life of a good muslim, aminn.

i am thankful for a happy marriage. of course, we're like any other couples but what matters most is, at the end & beginning of the day, the last & first person i see is my husband by my side. i see, i touch and i love him.

as much as we have struggled, tried & failed again and again for a baby, i am blessed with babies -  my 3 adorable nephews. they are as close as to having my own. i feel so blessed!

i know. i know that i need to lose weight. no matter what, i am grateful for the body that i have. with it, i can take care of my husband, my family and his family; and friends & relatives.

i am happy that i can 'let go' of some things or issues in my life. what's the word ... mellowed down? it sure feels that way and it's a good feeling, nevertheless.

i am happy that i am able to take care of my parents, although they don't need much care yet. still strong and energetic.

the list can go on but as i end it here ... this very second ... i am a happy woman. alhamdulillah.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

i am trying to cut down on my caffiene intake.

i am trying and yet i failed.

just before blogging on this, the aroma seduced me and here i am with a cup.

and as i am writing this sentence, it dawned on me ... usaha tak menjadi kerana niat tak ikhlas!

hmm ...


Monday, January 9, 2012

alone ...

abang ke manila for a week.

parents ke yangoon for 5 days.

brothers are busy with own family.

sis-in law is busy with hers.

me ... am busy too but so bored!

haiisshhh ....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

sports massage

am at carlton holiday hotel & suite in section 13, shah alam. brought my mom to Oasis Spa for a massage. at 1st she only wanted foot relexology to test Tik. she is good. so now it is a whole body sports injury massage. for someone who has had 8 ops so far, this is really helping her. alhamdulillah we found a place for her to get a good massage.

if you ever need one, make an appointment at 0255188233. ask for Tik.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

why be with someone who mistakens your quirks aa nuisance when they're really signs of affection?
malam mendetik semakin tua
hati memerhati kesayuan menjelma

kerinduan mula mencengkam
berbeza hati berbeza tahap

kuluahkan inti namun tak difahami
kesayuan kerinduan bersama menemani hati yang sunyi

Monday, January 2, 2012

i don't have the confidence, energy and tenacity to do it anymore ... now i know.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Karachi Kidnap - People & Power - Al Jazeera English

Karachi Kidnap - People & Power - Al Jazeera English

this is the man who saved my brother-inlaw. same surname but no family relation. please watch.