Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do we decide who we hurt today?

do we really wake up each day with an intention to hurt or harm someone?

maybe there are people like that ... but i don't do that.

if i have ever hurt you, believe me, it was unintentional.

i also believe no one ... none of my friends ... intend to hurt me or my feelings deliberately and if it happens, i am sure Allah has a lesson in store for both of us.

that being said, i can't help feeling sad when i lose friends over reasons which are beyond me.

in my head i wonder what have i done wrong? did i do any wrong? said hurtful things?

sometimes Allah shows me that it just wasn't meant to be ... we were meant to part ways for no obvious reasons.

whatever the reason or no reason, it always saddens me to lose or lost touch with a friend.

what makes me more sad is reading on FB, on an ex-friend's wall saying things like, or implying (or is it just me yg terasa) that i haven't been a good friend and better to part ways.

if i had ever done wrong, which i have no clue if i did till today, i still have to move on and accept it. but i wonder if it is fair to say only i made the mistake and bear the grunt of it all.

if the tables were turned ...

it is so easy to point a finger at someone and say 'you hurt me' without taking any accountability in your own actions.

honest friends ... real friends will fight, break up & find each other again ... even after years being apart. that is what i believe.

*nukilan hati seorang insan yg kecewa ...
Ya Allah, jika hambaMu ini sememangnya telah berniat jahat, ampunilah dosaku.