Saturday, April 30, 2011


i deactivated my FB ... again.

let's see how long i can live without it.

:o) i have other accounts too :o) but i think i'll do some reading than FBooking for awhile. penat dgn kerenah manusia.

Anastacia - Defeated

i like this song ....

Friday, April 29, 2011


i had a Racheal Berry moment!

yes, shame on me! guilty.

despite the sadness ...

i am, surprisingly still amused!

better than being only sad & angry.

Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Video)

terharu sya hari ni ... melihat keluhan seorang ibu yang menagih kasih sayang & keperihatinan anak2.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

lately ni ... my taste palate has changed abit.

what i used to love, i don't want to eat anymore ...

one of the dishes my mom is making for tonight's dinner is sambal paru-paru.

i'm ok with the sambal but the paru-paru? it used to be one of my favs!

i'm thinking along the lines of ... sambal telur, sambal ayam or assam pedas ayam nonya style! yuuumm ....

malasnya nak ke dapur ... hehehe

finally ...

finally settling down.

getting use to the 'chillax' mode.

jangan jadi malas, udah lerr ...


Monday, April 25, 2011


i'm the kind of person who seldoms stay put. i am always on the move, doing something, meeting someone or just plain stay at home in my own home.

just sitting around, eat, sleep and nothing else is driving me nuts! and it's just the 4th day.

i hope our iui project will bring positive results.

home is where my heart is ... my home. freedom & privacy are where home is.

of course i love being at my parents but i want to go home.

i think of all the dusts that is accumulating since it has been left empty for 4 days.

i remember the food i'd cook in my kitchen. here, i have to follow the rules of this house. makan nasi 2-3x sehari ...waduhhhh! i can make my own food but what i need aren't available. i'd have to depend on my mum and i don't want to bother her.

i don't know how long i'm not allowed to drive :o(

Ya Allah ... ini sebahagian dari pengorbanan sya utk mendapat zuriat. Ya Allah, tenangkan hatiku. Ya Allah, sya mintak ampun. sya sedar sya harus redha dgn dugaan ini. astaghafirullahala'zim!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku
kami memohon ampun
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami
Redhailah usaha kami
Berkatilah ikhtiar kami
kami mohon usaha kami membawa rezeki yang diredhai dan diberkati
aminn aminn yarabbala'laminn.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i was reading my previous blogs & entries ... wow ... i had a lot to write about back then. i spotted some typo errors and a few grammatical ones too - so much for being a language teacher! but i enjoyed reading my entries. i was reminded of the blog i deleted. sayang sekali! i had a lot of poems in that one. it was meant to be deleted. adalah hikmahnya, kan?

Monday, April 11, 2011

what's for dinner?

in our quest to lose weight ... i bought this book to 'help' us out [yes adel, i bought another book ;o)]

it's a great book!

i found a recipe for tonight's dinner but i modified it into my version (hopefully it's still low cal - hiks)

here's the original recipe:

Slaw Dog
1 small sausage (50gm,80cal) - browned in frying pan in 1tbsp peanut oil (119cal); served on a hotdog bun (140cal) dressed in 1tbsp mustard (0cal) & 1 heaped tbsp reduced calorie coleslaw (50cal). total cal: 389

my version:
~ 100-150gm shaved lean beef marinated with finely pounded garlic, salt & ginger (20mins)
(shaved beef is thinly sliced or 'shaved' from a half thawed/still half frozen block of beef)
~ sautee/lightly fried in 1tbsp of olive oil; as the beef browns, add black pepper sauce (bottled from Sarawak) + extra black pepper for spiciness. put it aside.
~ i have butterhead salad in the fridge. i'll use a few leaves as the base on the 3-grain bread that i bought
~ for colseslaw: lite mayo + shreds of carrot, apple & celery

to essemble:
~ bread, salad leaves, beef & topped with appleslaw in the form of a sandwich or taco.

yum ... now to wait for him to come home & have dinner :o)

~ i think minced beef would be ok too for this recipe
~ i didn't use sausage because i don't want the hidden msg in it to go into our food

verdict: SEDAP!


MasterChef is coming to Malaysia!

i am soooo excited! do i dare to enter? errm ... no!

but i am eager to see what talents we have on our shores.

oowwwh ...  cepatlah start!