Sunday, April 18, 2010

who are you?

sometimes i wonder, who am i? really, who am i?

i'm my parents' daughter.
i'm my brothers' sister.
i'm my husband's wife.
i'm my grandparents' grand-daughter
i'm my sils' sil.
i'm my nephews' aunt.
i'm someone's cousin, friend, acquaintance, ex-colleague etc.

but all those are labels.

so, who am i, really?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slimming Diet 11

i need to lose weight. period!

but it's hard. too many temptations and triggers around me.

i KNOW what to do but doing it is entirely a different thing.

yesterday, someone introduced a product called SD11 with claims of huge weight loss in a month. the diet eliminates carbs & fruit for 2 weeks but increases protein & veggie intake.

i'm contemplating of trying it out but the idea of eating protein up to 5x the usual amount scares me. what would happen to my cholestrol level??

i'm thinking of trying it out alone without telling anyone while my parents are away for umrah. wouldn't it be a blast when i've lost a few kgs?

i'm still thinking about it.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another New Blog

Here I am again ... creating a new blog ... embarking on another journey for 2010. The 1st quarter of the year has passed and the 2nd quarter seems promising ... if I would just concentrate on taking control of my life.

What is it that I need to be in control of?

Well, 1st of all would be my weight. Next my hubby ... well, not to control him but help him get his own control over his weight. While we're at it with our weights, we need to get back to the right path of our religion. We have been abit lost. Then, it's our home. It's more about taking ownership and making it OUR home. 4th would be concentrating on my fabric business. 5th ... maybe, just maybe, if we're lucky, try for a baby.

Too much? Well ... I have start somewhere, right? What I've listed are the most important things in my life. The only other parallel things that as important as I have listed is to always be there for my parents. The most important people is my life would be my hubby & my parents.

Well ... here goes!