Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deniece Williams - Lets Hear It for the Boy

he works so hard. i appreciate him & his dedication to his job so much. he is brining home rezeki, right?

at one point i thought he was a workaholic but then i learned that he loves his job and he does it well.

what i am worried about is what it is doing to his health.

he is constantly tired and whatever free time he has, he wants to sleep. he has high blood pressure and patients like him need to have enough sleep & rest. sadly he doesn't.

he should exercise but when? when all he does is work.

he used to work 5 days a week but for the last 7 years, it has been 7 days a week.

he went to kuching on monday for a 2d1n work. he arrived home at 9.30pm. had dinner, had a bath & went straight to his lappie to do his work. luckily he slept abit early and that was already 11.45pm. this morning, he left the house at 6.45 to pick up his boss at the office and push off to kuantan by 8am.

he's back at the office and has yet to come home. at the time of this entry being published, he's still there.

tomorrow & friday will be packed with centeral visits & meetings. this has been going on like this since new year 2011 and for the past 3 years.

when we went to britain last year, he brought his lappie too.

he has work. i get it. but i am still worried about him.

11.22pm he just called. he's on his way home.

12.09am he's in the shower to freshen up. can't sleep yet. he needs my help with 2 reports for tmrw's 8.30am meeting. he's too exhausted to think. kesian dia.

the reflection in the mirror

taking care of the body & soul that we are bestowed upon is our ultimate responsibility.

the more you love them, the better you take care of them.

but i wonder ...

have you ever looked at your reflection in the mirror and loudly say to yourself - i like you  or  i love you?

honestly, i haven't. what i usually see is what i don't like about myself.

when i go home today, insyaAllah, i will tell that person in the reflection that i love her and what i like about her.

that'll be a good start ....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

when the time comes ...

when the time comes, your end is here.

since late 2010, too many deaths have happened among my family & friends.

tonight, a close friend's mom passed away after suffering uterus cancer for 8 years. al-fatihah. semoga roh mak ila dicucuri rahmat & ditempatkan bersama-sama yang beriman.

i can only imagine the pain & sadness she is going through but i know i will be as devastated when the time comes.

i cannot imagine life without my parents and i am forever finding the seconds to spend time with them, even just by a phonecall.

my eyes, heart & mind are wide open to the fact that they are getting older by the day. although i do not know when the time comes or who goes first (it might even be me), i try to be sincere as i spend the seconds, hours & days with them.

i see my brothers all caught up in their daily activities. i have reminded them but only time will guide them and hopefully it'll not be too late.

i read in someone's blog and it sounded like this:

there are seconds of the day where they do not enter your mind but when they are gone, you spend every waking moment wishing you had time to be with them.

if & when i find those words again, i will repost.

Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa-dosa kedua ibu bapaku. lindungilah mereka dari kejahatan & kesakitan. panjanglah umur & sihatlah tubuh badan kedua ibu bapaku.


** 3.33pm
i was thinking to myself ... no matter how big or serious a fall out is, better to reconcile because the loss of a parent/s is nothing compared to the feeling of hate or anger.

Monday, March 28, 2011

dup berdegup

dup dup
jantungku berdegup
tiap kali ku teringt kpdmu
degupan jantungku menjadi laju

dup dup
degupan jantungku
dikau menceria hidupku
degupan jantungku berdegup gembira

dup dup
degupan jantungku menunggu
saat kepulanganmu
untuk berdegup gembira, berdegup laju.

dup dup
dikau menambah degupan jantungku
terima kasih
i heart you, selamanya.

Flat Belly Diet

read the title ...

need i say more?


Sunday, March 27, 2011

my blog contains my emotions, ideas, thoughts, opinions and much more.

to know abit more about me, read my blogs. you can catch a glimpse of who i am here. however, to know me better, you'll need to know me personally.

i write for myself and not with you in mind (most of the time).

i am here for me. to know myself better, insyaAllah.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baking 101

the best advice i was ever given on trying out baking for the 1st time is to make the basic butter cake.

wht a great idea!

have i tried?

nope hehehe

nervous about starting but i have a feeling i have a knack for it.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skincare tip #1

instead of buying exfoliating @ face scrub products, use face towels to get rid of dead cells from your skin. i use those tiny towels i get from kenduris.

exfoliate once a week or once every 2 weeks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

from twitter to fb to my blog ;o)

Tweet by StevieBTheTruth, pasted & copied from FB:


Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wants you in their life.



Monday, March 21, 2011

where to go? what to do?

i am alone again.

i don't feel lonely but i am bored.

kept myself busy with household chores the whole day but couped up at home too.

i don't feel like cooking for dinner, need to go out to get some food. but i don't feel like going alone. i don't have ny choice, do i?

hubby's gone up to penang today, coming back tomorrow night.

dilemma? not really ... but still, undecided.

this is my daily diary ... for today.

malasnya nak masuk 'office'. dah 2 minggu tak masuk.

maybe i'll check in tomorrow.

this morning i rearranged the furniture & the 8-seater dining table in the hall. a huge table to move by myself.

reorganised my kitchen. made & ate lunch.

logged onto fb, blog & the tv's on.

now what else to do?

the bathrooms need to be washed & cleaned. we live in a duplex apartment. for the 2 of us, we have 4 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms ... yup, you read it right ... 5 bathrooms! i think i'll do the 2 bathrooms on the ground floor for today.

soon ... after i watch "Vlaentine's Day" on HBO.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i heart my blog!

hehehe i do!

i really love my blog because it contains all links that i love to visit.

my other notebook 'died' and i haven't taken it to the PC shop to check if the hard drive could be saved. i have lots of files that i need from it ....

i'll do it next week.

i still love my blog! it is sooooo me!

Friday, March 18, 2011

... a smile can be of pure happiness or a disguise of sadness ...
~ me ~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ya Allah the All Knowing ... You know the sadness in my heart, You know who causes them. Please part our ways and guide me to happiness with all the blessings You have instore for us. aminn ya rabbia'lamin.
i understand it very well ... but too much of it ... does hurt sometimes ... there are days when i am so lonely when i am so alone.

this is one of those days.

Friday, March 11, 2011

have you ever wanted something so much that it hurts?

it hurts so bad that you'd want to just give up ... and not hurt no more.

.... ivfsya ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken with cashewnuts

yum ...

puashati makan malam ni ...

made chicken with cashewnuts for dinner. when it's just the 2 of us ... it's easier to make a 1 pot meal. but tonight, i added ikan goreng  for hubby.

  • tumis halia & bwg putih (ditumbuk)
  • masukkan ayam - goreng hingga ayam garing skit
  • masukkan air, masak hingga didih
  • masukkan sedikit sos tiram & garam
  • masukkan sayur dlm turutan ini ... jagung muda, carrot, celery, capsicum & hirisan bwg besar
  • sambil sayur masak, adjust  rasa secukupnya & masukkan sedikit air cornflour
  • setelah pekat & sayur tak terlalu masak, angkat & hidang ke dlm mangkuk
  • akhir sekali tabur gajus (goreng dulu sebelum buat lauk @ beli yg dah roasted)

sedap ...sedap ... tak sempat ambik gambar hehehe

i am one happy woman :o) & he's a happy man too.

Monday, March 7, 2011

ArSya's Collection (will change soon to SyaD's Collection)

years ago, my sil started a business. i was reluctant at first.

then it became a hobby ... as and when i have the time or supply.

then i stopped for 2 years. it was still a hobby then.

2009 became a turning point. it became a tiny business. it was a start. my dad allowed me to use one of his empty rooms at the office as a base. finally, i had a place to put everything at and see what i had in hand. then started the crucial work of identifying & pricing, folding, sticking the price stickers/reminder and bag them. yep ... all by myself, 3/4 of the time.

as a hobby, i relied on friends & family to help me with my business.

now as a tiny business, we have stepped out of our (actually, mine) comfort zone.

a chilhood friend suggested and helped us to sign up for a weekend bazaar. so, last friday & saturday, i spent checking the items for the bazaar and planned how to deco our place. for rm75, we were given a space of 5x8ft, a table with a black table cloth & 2 plastic chairs.

packing everything up into the car was a chore but a fun one and driving home gave us a humbling experience. this is how people do business, no matter how small or big it is. then we got all excited again!

so, on sunday 6th march, we started going public at the 'ilovebazaar by ryldesign' at subang parade. the rules which we have to abide by (or penalties will be given) are to arrive an hour early from the bazaar time (11am-9pm), no food or drinks (i assumed drinks & snacks are ok) at the table and no one can leave early (even if you have finished all your products).

the 1st 5 hours was exciting hehehe

towards the evening ... we became tired but still excited.

alhamdulillah, it was a good sale for a 1st timer ;o) .... we managed to sell 16pcs of cotton fabrics from pakistan. going public also gave us input on what our customers are looking for. priceless!

we left at 9.20pm ... exhausted but satisfied. we've signed up for another date ... hehehe ... and my head is already spinning with ideas.

here are a few pics of our new adventure :o)

my mom came to give her support.