Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You know you are getting attached to the dunia when;

1. You don't plan your time around solat (praying) time.

2. A whole day or two passes and you don't open your Quran because you are too ‘busy’.

3. You care so much about what people say about you.

4. All you care about is how to accumulate more and more wealth.

5. You argue unnecessarily when you are told something you are used to doing is haram.

6. You keep on delaying good deeds - I’ll do it tomorrow, or the next, etc.

7. A new gadget comes out and you’re already thinking what you’re going to sell to obtain it.

8. The lives of celebrities interests you.

9. The lifestyle of the rich impresses you.

10. You want to be the centre of attention.

11. You compete with each other for worldly matters/things.

12. Your thirst for power and glory cannot be quenched.

13. You fall into depression each time you don't get what you want.

14. Minor sins don't really mean anything to you.

15. You aren't able to stop the haram immediately and keep on procrastinating and delaying taubah.

16. You aren't ready to displease people to please Allah.

17. You care a lot about what's in vogue (you want to belong).

18. You plan far far ahead into the future.

19. Seeking for Islamic knowledge comes secondary (that's if it ever comes) after pursuing your future career.

20. Your friends aren't the type that remind you of Allah.

21. You regard people as successful according to their status in this world.

22. A whole day passes without you thinking of death.

23. You can afford to waste so much of your time doing things that wont benefit you in the hereafter.

24. Doing acts of ibadah becomes very difficult for you.

25. You can't seem to be able to change your extravagant lifestyle despite knowing Allah dislikes the extravagant.

26. You love visiting the lands of the kuffar.

27. You are told about the dangers of consuming riba yet you argue that this is the only way you can survive. You add that if you find a better halal in come you’ll change.

28. You want to live life to the fullest.

29. You care so much about your physical appearance.

30. You believe the end of time is still far far away.

31. You see things happening to others and you don't stop to think it could happen to you too.

32. You bury the dead yet you don't learn anything from it.

33. You want to ‘make ends meet’ by all means.

34. You are always in a haste to finish your prayer and continue with what your doing.

35. You don’t think that today could be your last day.

36. You are solely comforted by luxury (not by the remembrance of Allah).

37. You don’t ask Allah for paradise the way you ask for your dunia.


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